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Innovative Asia

Live Events in Seoul, South Korea and Tokyo, Japan

“In early stages of economic development, a country’s healthcare and life science industry typically only focuses on addressing basic public health concerns. As nations achieve higher levels of development, the focus shifts toward providing best-in-class therapeutics and healthcare innovations while leveraging these advancements to promote economic growth, as has been the case for countries like Japan and South Korea. When handled properly, the healthcare delivery, life science, medical device, and healthcare information technology industries have the potential to both foster economic growth and address a country’s unique public health challenges. However, when policies for these industries are improperly managed, countries can suffer from a lack of access to the latest therapeutic drugs and healthcare delivery platforms and impede the growth of and investment in viable ecosystems for innovation. These considerations call for governments to carefully craft policies that balance the need for promoting innovative solutions to public health challenges while also controlling healthcare expenditures.”