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Pacific Council on International Policy – Book Excerpt

The Pacific Council on International Policy just published an excerpt from Blaming China, this one focused on the economic anxieties unique to America that are shaping the current administration’s trade policy.  From the excerpt:

“You are not alone if you have lost the plot line around what is happening in the U.S.-China relationship. This week alone marks another round of proposed tariffs, this time to the tune of some $200 billion, leaving many policymakers, politicians, and pundits scratching their head as to where we go next.

Admittedly, confusion in these circles has been the order of the day since the 2016 presidential election, when what was safe to bet on—both in terms of policy choices and acceptable political personalities—disappeared into the rear-view mirror. Want to understand what happened in the election? As with any big historical inflection point, the reasons are many. But front and center are Americans’ economic anxieties about the future in general and towards China specifically.”

More here.