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Book Talk: Beijing Bookworm

November 7, 2018 –

In a new book, Blaming China: It Might FeelGood but it Won’t Fix America’s Economy, Benjamin Shobert explainshow many of the issues raised during the 2016 Presidential campaign, andgeneral U.S. anxiety about a rising China, is misplaced. According to Mr.Shobert, China has become an easy target for Americans to project their frustrationswith the overall political dysfunction, economic difficulties, and foreignpolicy blunders since 9/11, much of which actually has nothing to do withChina.

Benjamin Shobert is senior associate for international healthat NBR, where his work has emphasized market access issues and innovationpolicies specific to the life science sector in China and SE Asia. He is theDirector of Healthcare NExT Strategy and Business Development at the MicrosoftArtificial Intelligence and Research group and a lecturer in the Michael G.Foster School of Business at the University of Washington. He founded theSeattle-based Rubicon Strategy Group, a consulting firm that specialized inChina and Southeast Asia’s healthcare, life science, and senior care industries.

Wednesday, November 7 at 7:30pm

60RMB including a drink

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