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About the Book

Blaming China

We are entering an age of geopolitical uncertainty characterized by regional conflict and increasing economic dislocation.

Chapter 1

Afraid of China? Maybe You Should Be.

In late June of 2016, Donald Trump’s campaign saw fit to hold its first major economic and trade speech in ...
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Chapter 2

The Dragon Slayer’s China

America has traded away its superiority to China. Not just because the United States has lost jobs to China’s inexpensive ...
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Chapter 3

The Panda Hugger’s China

Entertain with me a future based on a different path from what the United States and China actually took, a ...
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Chapter 4

Colliding Worldviews

Dragon Slayers’ and Panda Huggers’ only disagreement is not about China. Their opposition to one another goes much deeper and ...
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Chapter 5

America’s Economic Insecurity

From the comfort of my office in Seattle, it is easy to forget that a big part of America is ...
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Chapter 6

Insecurity Over Our Place in the World

For Americans today, the hubris-filled days after the fall of the Soviet Union are gone. Today, the country faces a ...
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Chapter 7

The Amorphous Threat of Terrorism

The people behind today's terror events know something essential about Western media and society: the 24/7 news machine must be ...
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Chapter 8

America’s Dysfunctional Political System

Doctrinally, in the aftermath of the Cold War, Republicans and Democrats were equally unmoored. Communism focused the conservative mind as ...
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Chapter 9

When War is a National Choice

Americans would do well to remember now, before it is too late, that it is not preordained we will always ...
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Chapter 10

Two Paths Forward

America has two choices: we can pursue conflict, or we can pursue collaboration with China. A collaborative framework of engagement ...
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The worst reason for Americans to distrust China is today also the most common:  their success is a mirror with which we see our own inadequacies.